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Welcome to Dark Asylum!

We're a great guild on the Balnazzar realm that's into whatever WoW's got to offer.  We do raids, dungeons, challenges, and lately we've been expanding our PvP activities by quite a bit.  If you're interested in joining our guild we have a lot to offer players.  If you're levelling a toon and get stuck with something really tough someone is onhand a lot of the time to help.  If you need a high quality crafted item we have many members in a wide array of professions and we regularly help each other out. 
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Level 25! Gallery update, new lottery!

Shadywack, Sep 20, 11 10:25 AM.
Hello fellow guild members and prospective members :) I've updated the gallery to show the last lottery roll.

We raffled off a Tranquil Mechanical Yeti, and I'm using the proceeds to seed the next lottery.  After this lottery I'm going to begin using guild bank funds to pay for tickets toward the lottery depending on rank.  It will work like this:

Jr Officers will get 1 ticket paid for courtesy of the guild
Officers will get 3
Enforcers will get 4

This is to encourage more guild participation and create a desire for people to gain in ranks.  We've become far more active lately.

I'd also like to congratulate everyone on getting the guild to level 25!!!  Great job.  A lot of members really banded together to push the last level through.  We're a great guild with some of the premiere players in the realm.  We're doing a lot more lately and garnering some attention in the little space we have of Balnazzar. I've had people to me in places like Uldum and Tirisfal asking for membership.  As I get to know some of you better as friends I realize we have some really cool people to spend our virtual time with. 

People looking for a guild, take a look around.  We are a private guild as we don't recruit on trade.  Use the guild finder or pst one of us that are on. 

Lt General Shadywack

Next Lottery is up!

Shadywack, Sep 5, 11 2:36 AM.
Spongebob won the last 2000 gold lottery, netting himself a nice profit there.

Next lotto is up for 2500 gold.  In order to enter you need to send a mail to Shadywack in-game with the subject "Lottery" with gold.  The tickets are 10 gold a piece with a max of 10 tickets per toon.  You can use alts if you want.  To get credit for your tickets you must send the gold from each toon individually. 

Also note that this doesn't guarantee a winner for this drawing.  A 2nd place drawing happens in the event no winner is chosen for 1st place, and 2nd place gets %20 of the jackpot, with the jackpot and all extra gold rolling over into the next lottery.  After this lottery we will start incentivizing ranks.  Jr Officers will automatically be eligible for 1 free ticket, with Officers getting 2 and Enforcers getting 3.  The free tickets will count toward your character's max tickets, nobody will be allowed to go over 10 per toon regardless of rank.

Thanks!  Glad to see the guild active and busy, see you folks later.

First Lottery winner!

Shadywack, Sep 1, 11 8:22 PM.
The first lottery winner is TheGoblin.  Grats! Attached are some screenshots of how the addon looks right before a roll.  Next Lotto is up for Sunday evening with an initial jackpot of 2000 gold.  


Shadywack, Aug 31, 11 1:02 PM.
The first guild lottery has started.  This is more of a test run to make sure the addon functions ok, so I'm setting the initial jackpot at just 200g.  Tickets are 5g a piece and to buy one just mail Shadywack with the subject "Lottery".  If this works well I'll set the next jackpot at 2000 gold!  Good luck!

Update - The lottery jackpot is now up to 475g.  Well over double what I initially invested for a jackpot.  Great to see the initial response.  Check back at 5pm realm time 9/1 to see who wins! I'll post the winner here too.

Crafting requests

Shadywack, Jun 2, 11 6:55 PM.
One thing I'd like to see more of is the use of the crafting request system on the site.  We have a diverse guild that can make lots of different items.  I'm happy to accomodate my alchemy and there's a few others who are into crafting for friends and such.
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